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A compelling professional letter of recommendation or reference is critical for your application for employment or graduate school.

Letter of Recommendation or Reference Writing Service ($199)

Applicants to graduate school frequently underestimate the importance of an outstanding letter of recommendation or reference. The praise of a former boss, mentor, or teacher, is powerful indicator of strong character for admissions officers and employers. It can dramatically improve your chances of getting a job or admission to graduate school.

The Problem

While your chosen recommender may really like you, they may not have the writing skills, knowledge, or time to draft a truly convincing personalized letter of recommendation or reference. Letters of recommendation often say “She was really nice girl” instead of saying that “She was a hard working professional who always exceeded expectations and stayed late to make sure the job was done on time.”
A bland letter of reference or recommendation written by a well-meaning but busy person could hurt your chances of getting a job or getting into graduate school.

The Solution

With our letter of recommendation writing service, one of our professional recommendation writers will contact your references (or you) and help them to draft a glowing letter of recommendation that emphasizes your accomplishments, knowledge, marketable skills, and strong work ethic. Your letter of recommendation will be completely honest and unique, although it may follow certain standard guidelines used in professional references.

Before using our Letter of Recommendation Writing Service, please make sure that your recommender is happy to collaborate with you. Ask them if it is ok for you to submit sample letter of reference for them to use. Emphasize that the letter we help them to write for you will be honest and will save them time. We have found that the vast majority of reference writers are busy people who genuinely appreciate you saving their time by writing the reference for them.

The person writing your letter of recommendation will need to review, sign off on, and submit the final product to your chosen schools or employers themselves.

Keep in mind that since all of our letters of recommendation are honest, reflect your actual work or academic experience, and are approved and submitted by your recommender, they do not violate academic standards.

There are 2 ways to write a letter of recommendation.

  1. We interview you (the applicant) about your experiences with your recommender, writing a compelling letter of recommendation that emphasizes your strengths and accomplishments as related to your chosen field. You give the letter we produce to your recommender, so they can review, modify, and submit the letter on your behalf. You do not necessarily have to mention that you hired someone else to write the letter for you.
  2. We interview your recommender about their experiences with you, and draft a compelling letter of reference for them to submit on your behalf.

Please contact us at 1-800-212-2670 or submit your name on our easy form to utilize our letter of reference writing service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Letters of Recommendation or References

Can’t I write my own guideline letter of reference and ask my recommender to submit it for me?

We do not suggest that an applicant write their own letters of reference or recommendation, even if that letter is signed off on and submitted by their reference. Individuals have their own writing style and word choice and it is easy to recognize that the letter was written by the applicant. A letter of recommendation or reference should be written by someone other than you.

How important is a letter of recommendation or reference?

A good letter of recommendation or reference is critical to your successful search for employment or graduate school admissions. Applicants who do not spend the time or resources to identify good recommenders and help them to write good letters of reference often end up with bland or mediocre references that hurt their prospects.

Is it unethical for you to write a reference for me? Shouldn’t the letter be written by my recommender?

Your recommender will always submit the final reference letter on your behalf. It is not unethical for you or us to “help” your recommendation writer by providing them with a guideline letter of reference containing the important information that you would like them to include in the reference. The recommender has the right to change and modify the reference as they see fit prior to submitting it.

We have found that the vast majority of reference writers are busy people who genuinely appreciate you saving their time by writing the reference for them.

I have asked multiple people at my current or past job to submit a letter of reference on my behalf. Should these references be different even though they work together?

Do not to submit the same letter of reference to multiple references. Each recommender must submit a completely unique letter of reference, even if they work together. References from the same employer can contain similar content but the wording must be unique.

What if I cannot find someone to submit a letter of reference for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot submit a letter of reference on your behalf. We can only write a letter of recommendation for your reference to submit on your behalf. We suggest we ask you teachers, former employers and others for help in finding an appropriate recommender.

What if my recommender does not want me to provide assistance in writing the letter of reference?

Occasionally, we encounter reference writers who do not want assistance in writing letter of reference for one of our clients. If your reference feels he or she has the time to write a great letter on his or her own, you should respect their wishes and not provide a guideline letter of reference. We have found that is quite rare but it does happen.

More than one of our past clients has had a reference writer come back to them a few weeks later requesting a guideline letter of reference to save time.

How long will my reference be?

One common misconception about references is that they are long. A typical letter of reference is one page. It describes the recommender’s relationship with the applicant, their positive observations about the applicant, evidence to support those observations as well as a short summary.


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