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We can help you gain admission to college of your choice.

We have made the difference between “accepted” and “rejected” for hundreds of college applicants like you.

SOS Career Service has helped hundreds of high school students get into the best schools in the country. Many of our former clients have attended prestigious universities, such as,

  • Harvard
  • University of California (UC) Berkeley
  • Stanford
  • UCLA
  • USC
  • LMU

…this list simply goes on. We have counseled numerous high school students and their parents from Los Angeles region.

Yet, even the most qualified applicant may fail to gain admission in the top colleges. Do you know the reason why? THEY ARE NOT WELL PREPARED!

Through years of experience in helping students with admissions, we know what it takes to enter these haloed sanctums for good! Make your career shine with our College Admissions Consulting Service

College Admissions Consulting Service

SOS Career Service offers a comprehensive range of counseling and coaching sessions that gives you the confidence to tackle and overcome admission hurdles. We provide,

  • One-To-One Admission Consultation
  • Interview Preparation (a favorite with our students)
  • Essay Writing/Personal Statement
  • School Selection
  • Reference Consulting/ Recommendation Letter

We are considered the foremost experts in Interview Preparation and we are proud of this reputation! With our expert to coach and guide, you answer the questions put forward by the admissions committee with complete ease and confidence. The point is to bring your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills to the forefront. Make an emphatic case for admissions with powerfully written application essays crafted by our professionals.

We assist with the following Essay Types:

  • Standard application essay
  • Artist statements
  • UC personal statements
  • Application essay supplements
  • Any many more!

However, our work doesn’t end here because we want to remain with you through the end until you securely gain admission to the college of your choice based upon your qualifications. So if you want we can give you complete assistance to find openings in various colleges based upon your academic background, interest, and capabilities.

Are you looking for a truly outstanding Letter of Recommendation? Our experts can help. We create application strategies tailored for individual needs.

Everyone associated with our counseling service is former careers services or admissions professional from selective universities and colleges. They have in-depth sessions with students and parents to offer guidance, support, and the required services. This paves the way for successful admission and career building opportunities.

SOS Career Service is always there for deserving students. Call us at 310-967-9694.

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