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About the SOS Career Service

The SOS Career Service gives one-on-one professional services, including resume writing, cover letter writing, job interview coaching, college and graduate school application preparation, and career coaching to clients across the United States and around the world. Our company is led by career experts who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. The SOS Career Service has over 40 professional resume writers and career coaches. Our professionals have been featured in the New York Post and Career Builder.

SOS Career Service does not subcontract writing or career services to novice writers from overseas. All work is done by experienced professionals based in the United States and Canada, who are familiar with the American education system and job market.

The SOS Career Service Mission

Our mission is to give back to the community by providing high-quality, affordable, professional career services. We enable our clients to land jobs in their chosen fields. We aid our clients to market themselves more effectively in their job search by producing top-notch resumes and cover letters and by providing professional job interview preparation services.

David Opher Bhat, MD, MBA

Opher Bhatt, MD, MBA
Dr. Bhat is VP of Career Services at the SOS Career Service.

Dr. Bhat studied medicine at Hebrew University, where he was a student member of the school’s admissions committee. He completed his medical training at Hadassah Medical Center and matriculated to UCLA business school, where he received his MBA. Dr. Bhat subsequently worked as Director of Admissions for the Southern California College of Osteopathic Medicine, a proposed new Osteopathic medical school in Palmdale, California currently seeking accreditation in California.

Since joining the SOS Career Service in 2011, Dr. Bhat has helped hundreds of clients successfully to apply to medical school, nursing school, residency programs, and other educational programs for healthcare professionals.

Peter Glassar

Peter Glassar
Peter is Vice President of Career Training Services at SOS Career Service. Peter ‘s main expertise is career training with a focus on communication strategies, primarily the development of focused career goals, resumes and strong presentation skills. Peter’s experience in the career training field started in 2011 as an executive recruiter.

Peter earned his BS at the Harvard and his MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Matt Hamway

Matt Hamway, MBA
Matt is Director of Resume Services at SOS Career Service.

Matt has his BS at the University of Southern California and then received his MBA from UCLA School of Management. Before working at SOS Career Service, Matt worked for a Bay Area nonprofit, where he secured grants from state agencies and private foundations for career placement services. He is in the process of writing a book that examines representations of US citizenship from the 14th Amendment to the Great Depression.

Matt enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with his family.

Vijay Jojo Chokal Ingam, CFA, MBA

Jojo Chokal-Ingam
Vijay was an experienced hiring manager, who was disappointed with the professional skills of many job applicants. In 2008, Vijay began offering personalized interview coaching and resume writing services in Los Angeles. He subsequently founded the SOS Career Service and wrote The Definitive Guide to Ace Your Interview and Get the Job.

Vijay was a student career coach for the Parker CMC (UCLA’s career counseling service) who helped students write resumes, draft cover letters, and prepare for interviews. For four years, Vijay was a Boston-area diversity recruiter and interviewer for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Career Program. His previous employers include Citibank, State Street Corporation, Bain Capital, US Bank, and the McGraw-Hill Companies. Vijay is a frequent speaker on career matters and gives workshops on resumes, cover letters and job interview preparation.

Vijay received his MBA from the UCLA and Bachelor in Economics from the University of Chicago. Vijay is a National Merit Scholar. He also has experience in the healthcare industry, having completed the USMLE Part 1 and attended medical school at St. Louis University for two years.

Vijay’s sister is Mindy Kaling, the star of the Mindy Project on Fox.

Vijay’s Credentials

  • More than 5 years of experience as a admissions consultant, interview coach, and resume writer
  • Former Career Counselor at the Parker Career Management Center (UCLA’s career office)
  • Former member of the Admissions Committee at St. Louis University School of Medicine
  • Former member of the Admissions Committee at the University of Chicago, where he worked with Ted O’Neill and Michael Behnke, the school’s highly respected Admissions Directors
  • Author of The Definitive Guide to Ace Your Interview and Get the Job
  • B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago
  • Masters in Business Administration from UCLA Anderson
  • Passed United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1, completed 3 years of medical school at St. Louis University in Missouri
  • Ten years of professional work experience at US Bank, Citibank, the McGraw-Hill Education, State Street Corporation, and Bain Capital-owned Guitar Center as a hiring manager
  • National Merit Scholar
  • CFA charter holder

Patricia Kim

Patricia Kim
Patricia has been helping people write resumes and advance their careers, since 2009. Prior to becoming a professional resume writer, she worked in as an advertising executive in the entertainment industry. While working in advertising sales, she wrote marketing material, advertising copy, and sales pitches. As a lifelong creative writer, Patricia previously collected books, studied literature, and worked as a freelance copywriter.

Patricia received her BA in English from Claremont McKenna College.




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